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Banner Module Upgrade Request

This form captures and tracks requests for Banner module updates that occur outside of the standard monthly cycle of updates.

Buyway Security Request

This is used to request Buyway transactional and/or approval security.

Campus Clear

CampusClear is a free, daily, voluntary, COVID-19 self-assessment app

Enterprise Service Management

Provide common tools and processes that extend our IT Service Management for use in non-IT contexts so that the university office has measurable, efficient transactions and visibility into the full lifecycle of the services they provide.

FBS Divisional Help from FBS-IT

FBS Divisional offices will use this form to request specific help from FBS-IT that is NOT related to Miami desktop software or hardware or questions about email or other programs that are in general use across the entire university. For that, please contact IT Help via normal methods (phone, chat, or email).

Requests for FBS-IT Help are typically fulfilled within 4 business days, though certain reporting changes will take longer.

Indigenous Languages Digital Archive (ILDA) Overview

The Indigenous Languages Digital Archive (ILDA) is a web based archive designed specifically to support tribal efforts in archive-based language revitalization. ILDA allows for the organization, storage, retrieval, and analysis of digitized archival linguistic materials, and associated data, for the purpose of informing language revitalization and educational efforts by tribal communities who participate in National Breath of Life (NBoL) Archival Institute for Indigenous Languages.

OAS (Oracle Analytics Server) Access, Issues and Enhancements

OAS (Oracle Analytics Server) provides access to University reports and dashboards.

Registrar Banner Security Access Request

Supervisors may use this form to submit requests for Registrar Banner security access.

Request a Change to Menu Items on Simphony (Micros) Registers

Dining managers will use this form to request changes to menu items on Simphony (Micros) registers and kiosks.

Self-Service Data Analytics Overview

Clients have been using Tableau to perform data analytics on divisional data. These analyses are typically focused on rapidly-changing, highly specialized, or otherwise non-enterprise business questions. Tableau is very powerful but getting started is easy relative to OAS, our enterprise BI solution, which requires its own dedicated IT team and is focused on enterprise questions.

CS Gold WebCard Center or CBORD Report Request

Faculty and staff at Miami University may use this form to request access to reporting groups and reports from the CS Gold WebCard Center or CBORD systems. Requests are typically fulfilled within seven business days.

Electronic Document Management

IT Services provides the capability to scan, manage and securely store electronic documents.

ERP Management Overview

IT Services provides application/database hosting, maintenance, and data integration for Miami University’s Enterprise Resource Planning Tool (currently Banner/Ellucian).

Requesting Add or Removal for Banner Imaging Access (BDMS)

This form is to be used by authorized requestors to request access or removal to Banner Imaging.

HR Processing Overview

Human resource administration functions including hiring and managing employee records. Used by Miami staff and job applicants.

Payroll Overview

End to end processing of payroll for all faculty, staff and student employees.

Time and Attendance Overview

Service collects classified staff and student employees work hours (clock-in clock-out), leave time (vacation, sick leave) and unclassified and faculty leave time (vacation, sick leave).

Point of Sale Overview

The point of sale service provides the mechanism by which paying customers are presented with a price for the selected products and associated taxes and discounts and then authorizes payment for them. Nutritional information, including allergens, is displayed on digital signage located at dining venues.

Reporting Tool Overview

Miami University uses ​Hyperion Production Reporting. Once you have completed the initial training, an IT Services Data Support Specialist provides one-on-one assistance for the tool.

Data Analytics Overview

Allows departments and divisions to make data-informed, proactive decisions using institutional data.

IT Service Management

IT Service Management (ITSM) is the capability responsible for providing and supporting the information technology services used throughout the University.

Directory Assistance Overview

IT Staff have deep knowledge of university operations and can direct customers to other university service providers.

Get Chrome Extension for Miami Directory Lookup

The Chrome Extension for Miami Directory lookup provides an easy way to access Miami's online directory from a Chrome browser window.