VPN (Virtual Private Network)


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) employs encryption and other security means to secure your data when using your computer through public network access (wired or wireless) off campus.

Capabilities, Benefits and Key Features

  • Identity and access management
  • Remote access
  • Primary reasons to use a VPN connection
    • Security: Some types of network access allow easy interception of data sent between your computer and Miami's network. VPN encrypts some or all network traffic. Encrypted traffic may still be intercepted, but it cannot be easily decoded
    • Access: Miami's Internet firewall restricts functions that can be performed by computers that are not directly connected to Miami's network. VPN allows a computer connecting from off campus to behave as if it is on campus
  • When connecting to Miami VPN, all network traffic to Miami's network will be protected. Non-Miami traffic — traffic destined for the rest of the Internet — will leave your machine as it normally would
  • Situations in which you may want to use VPN and the appropriate configuration file for each situation:
    • Using public wireless connections
    • Because of fundamental insecurities in any wireless networking system, wireless users are strongly encouraged to use VPN if they want to access MU resources and the Internet
    • Remote access wired users (e.g., through third-party ISPs, like Roadrunner or Zoomtown)
    • If you use a third-party ISP to connect to Miami's network, Miami VPN is the only way to obtain an on-campus IP address to gain access to systems that require Miami IPs

Who should use Miami VPN?

  • Any current member of the Miami community with an active Miami UniqueID and MUnet password can use Miami's VPN service
  • If you are a Miami guest, you can use Guest Access (from the wireless network service or the residence hall network), and then use an external VPN service via IPSec or SSL over VPN
    • Note: Microsoft VPN will not work


  • Free

How do I get started?

Download the software for your operating system and follow installation instructions

Download Cisco AnyConnect for Linux Download Cisco AnyConnect for macOS Download Cisco AnyConnect for Windows Request a VPN Concentrator Change VPN Issue


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Service Offerings (5)

Request a VPN Concentrator Change
IT staff may use this form to Initiate a VPN concentrator change request.
VPN Issue
This form provides a method to report problems with VPN client connectivity to Miami’s Network from an off-campus location. This will create an incident ticket and assign it to the network support staff. We will get back with you if we require further information or to provide remediation solutions.