Point of Sale Overview


The point of sale service provides the mechanism by which paying customers are presented with a price for the selected products and associated taxes and discounts and then authorizes payment for them.  Digital menu boards in dining locations display allergen and nutritional information for items sold via the point of sale system.

Capabilities, Benefits and Key Features

  • Revenue and Funds Management
  • Purchase
  •  A hybrid of service packages, methods of payment, and product types are used in numerous combinations depending on the specific venue
  • All point-of-sale packages provide product/service details and items listed by product, by bundle of products, or product line:
    • Cash registers
    • Self-checkout Tablets
    • Self-order Kiosks
    • Online Storefronts
    • Self-checkout Registers
    • Hand-held Registers
  • Digital menu displays with nutritional information and allergens are also included in the point of sale service

Who uses it?

  • Dining venues, Concessions, and Markets
  • Campus Services Center
  • Mail/Package Center and Print Center
  • Bookstore locations
  • Goggin Ice arena
  • Recreational Sports Center
  • Marcum Inn and Conference Center


  • Yes. Price negotiated depending on specific needs

What type of technology can be used to consume this service?

  • Depends on the specific point of sale solution, but include:
    • Cash Registers
    • Self-Order Stations (Kiosks) 
    • Web browser
    • Tablets
    • Digital menu displays

How do I get started?

  • Contact the FBS IT team by submitting a service request (the "Request Help" button at the top right of the page)

Updated: 10/8/2019

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