University Phones


Phone services that support a variety of phone technologies including hardware/software phones, faxes, and call centers.

Capabilities and Key Features

  • Local, long distance, and international calling including personal and departmental access codes
  • Conference/speaker phones
  • Conference call setup and scheduling
  • Analog fax service – traditional fax machines


  • Access the Unified Communications Self Care Portal
  • Provide instruction on:
    • Forwarding calls on a Cisco VoIP desk or softphone and via the Cisco Self Care portal
    • Dialing a local number/a long-distance/a toll-free (1-888) number on an office phone
    • Dialing an international call from an office phone or FAX machine

Who uses it?

  • Faculty, staff, and students
  • American Classics League, Miami University Community Federal Credit Union, Contractors performing construction for Miami University, Miami University Child Development Center


Base services include:

  • Standard desk phone
  • Softphone
  • Long distance
  • Voice mail
  • Network FAX service
  • Standard desk phone maintenance and refresh

Additional costs may be charged for premium phones and accessories as follows:

  • Deluxe Desk Phone - $70 one-time cost
  • Deluxe Phone Multi-line "Sidecar" - $150 one-time cost
  • Wireless Headset for Desk Phone - $215 one-time cost
  • Other non-standard phones and devices - Determined on a case-by-case basis

What type of technology can be used to consume this service?

  • The technology to consume this service is provided as either a physical phone or as a software phone application, referred to as a softphone, 
  • Conference phones (specified models only) may also be purchased by departments
  • Analog phone lines are provided for special use departmental needs such as alarm systems, elevator phones, outdoor phones, etc. This equipment must be purchased by the department according to specifications provided by IT Services

How do I get started?

  • Click on the button labeled "Request Phone Service" located on the upper right side of this page.  This form will prompt you for the information required for your request
  • Note that you can also reach this Service Request form via the alias ""