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Electronic Building Access Overview

Student, faculty, and staff gain entry to buildings and rooms across all electronically controlled Miami campus doors using their Miami ID card or a mobile app.

Identity and Access Management Overview

Provide Miami University community secure accounts for identity and access to University computer resources.

Identity Proofing

In order to provide higher levels of assurance for consuming NIH services with Miami credentials, students will need to go through an enhanced identity proofing process (this is not necessary for faculty and staff or students consuming NIH services at the low assurance level).

Mobile Reader Purchase Requests

Faculty, staff, and students may use this form to request Mobile Reader licenses or hardware for events where they will accept MUlaa.

Lookup UniqueID

If you have forgotten your UniqueID, you can look it up by using your Banner (+) number or Social Security number.

Reset Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it using one of the password reset options on the MUnet Password Utilities page.​​​​ You can also use this form to request the deactivation of your Miami email account.

Change Password

Faculty, staff, and students may change their MUnet password by using the password change tool.

Request Courtesy Account

Courtesy accounts, also known as hosted accounts, are created to provide technology resources for qualified non-Miami University individuals. A Miami University faculty or staff member may request courtesy accounts on behalf of an individual who is not currently affiliated with the university. The request form must be submitted by a Dean or Department Chair.