Institutional End User Computing Overview


  •  Support of Miami-owned computing devices.

Benefits and Key Features

  • Standard Service
    • Best effort on all end user computing issues
    • Laptops, Desktops, Mobile Devices, iPads
    • Endpoint network troubleshooting
    • Standard image
    • Negotiated prices on standard computers (purchase through Bookstore)
    • Basic remote support
    • Software support
      • IT Services provides distribution and updates of software titles to university-provided devices

      • Software and updates are distributed to Windows and Mac computers through Software Center or Self Service, respectively

      • Some updates, such as security patches, are automatically pushed to university computers

  • Silver service
    • Support for conference room technology and learning spaces not controlled by the registrar’s office
    • Device delivery, set-up, and disposal
    • Advanced remote support
    • On-site support
  • Gold Service
    • Dedicated, on-site technician
    • Direct access to the technician
    • Custom support arrangements
    • Negotiated as needed
      • eg, summer camp

Who may use it?

  • Faculty, staff


  • Standard: no, provided by departmental technology staff
  • Silver: yes, negotiated annually with IT Services Campus Partnerships
  • Gold: yes, negotiated annually with IT Services Campus Partnerships 

Updated: 6/29/16