Self Service and Large Electronic Recycling


Staff and ADOTS may use this form to document the removal of institutionally-owned computers and peripherals from on-campus locations. This service is available on all campuses (excluding Luxembourg).

Not for individual computer disposal requests.  Please contact the department TSS or ADOT to move systems to designated disposal areas for pickup through the following form:

Link: Request Recycling

Recycling Process

Schedule pick-up with our recycling service provider (Cobalt).

Note: There is a $250.00 fee charged by our recycling company for each single printer pick-up.  Divisions are financially responsible for any single-printer pick-up.  It is strongly encouraged to coordinate multiple divisional pick-ups to reduce costs to you and the institution.  A best effort will be made to split the pick-up charge equally if coordinated pick-ups are done. 

Process for requesting a pick-up:

  1. Download and complete the attached Box Truck document.
  2. Contacting vendor for pick-up and attach the completed form.  Cobalt will respond with a scheduled pick-up time and date. 
  3. For institutional records, the Self-Service and Large Electronic Recycling form must also be completed. 
  4. Attach an appropriate list of equipment for disposal or the box truck form
  5. Submit index code for single printer pick-up. 
  6. Submit form
  7. The ticket will automatically close for record retention purposes or later reference.
  8. We recommend verifying the pick-up was completed if not handled in person. 

Contact Email:  Client Relations (

Cobalt may be contacted directly if questions can not be answered through email:  513-346-0892

What can I Recycle?

Self Service and Large Electronic Recycling


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