Identity and Access Management ( IAM )


Provide Miami University community secure accounts for identity and access to University computer resources.  Miami University students, faculty, and, staff are automatically assigned UniqueIDs and default MUnet passwords to access 'university-provided' computing resources and services. These services include but are not limited to, electronic mail, printing services (print charging), file sharing, data sharing and the Career Services Office. These services are provided for educational/academic and administrative pursuits and may not be used for commercial endeavors.

Extended members of the community, meeting established criteria, will be provided access by way of a 'Courtesy' account at the discretion of IT Services, as outlined below.

Capabilities, Benefits & Features

  • Provision Accounts
  • Provide Directory Listing
  • Authenticate Centrally
  • Control Access to University Computer Resources
  • Manage Groups
  • Courtesy accounts for families and contractors
  • Electronic mail will be established with all accounts
  • Passwords will be set by the account generation process
  • Password resets
  • Unique ID Management
  • Disk space will be allocated to each account on principal supported systems
  • Account Types:
    • Student, Faculty, and, staff accounts will have full access to the Internet and University-supported software on the systems as long as the person assigned to the account remains a member of the university community. These accounts include but are not limited to email, disk space, and administrative systems accounts
    • Emeritus accounts will be extended to faculty or staff and their spouses, who have received official emeritus status from the Board of Trustees at Miami University. This account extension will automatically take place when IT Services receives notification that this status has been granted. A Dean or Department Chairperson may request that a Courtesy account be created until the emeritus account request has been granted
    • Courtesy accounts are created to provide network access, email or other account privileges to non-Miami faculty, staff or students. Courtesy accounts may be requested for former students or Graduate Student completing course work, student studying abroad (on campuses other than Luxembourg), Instructors or Faculty working for Miami University but not employed by Miami University, or consultants not employed by Miami University but engaged in active work
    • Student organizations may request accounts for communicating with students, faculty and staff as well as other organizations at Miami University
    • Faculty organizations may request accounts for communicating with students, faculty and staff as well as other organizations at Miami University
Change Password Request Proofing Lookup UniqueID Manage User Groups Recover Password Request or Update Entity Account Request CAM Authorization or Configuration Changes Request or Renew Courtesy Account Request Password Reset Request SSO Integration


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Fri 6/5/15 5:30 PM
Thu 2/22/24 9:44 AM

Service Offerings (10)

Change Password
Faculty, staff, and students may change their MUnet password by using the password change tool.
Identity Proofing
In order to provide higher levels of assurance for consuming NIH services with Miami credentials, students will need to go through an enhanced identity proofing process (this is not necessary for faculty and staff or students consuming NIH services at the low assurance level).