Miami Account / Guide: Troubleshoot login issues


  • To provide a troubleshooting guide for resolving Miami login issues for faculty, staff, and student accounts
    • When you cannot log in to myMiami
    • When you receive an error message, Inactive Account
    • When you cannot log in to BannerWeb
    • When you try to log in to myMiami for the first time and receive an error
    • When you can log in to some services, but not others


  • Identity and Access Management
  • Miami Account
    • Student Account
    • Faculty or Staff Account

Possible Causes

  • Your account has not been created yet
  • You entered incorrect credentials
  • Passwords between directories are out of sync

Troubleshooting Guide

  • Account creation is not instant — it can take 24 hours from the time it was submitted for creation
    • In periods of high-volume demand, it may take a few days for a new faculty, staff, or student account to be fully created
  • If you can log into some services but not others, go directly to the option for changing your password at MUnet Password Utilities
  • Be sure that you entered your Miami UniqueID correctly
    • Your UniqueID is generated using data from Human Resources files
    • It generally consists of the first six characters of your last name + first initial + middle initial
      • Example: If your name were Joan Q. Public, your UniqueID would be publicjq
    • If you don't know your UniqueID, use the UniqueID Lookup tool
  • Be sure that you entered your MUnet password correctly
    • Your default MUnet password is derived from your birth date and Social Security Number (SSN), as follows:
      • Two-digit month of birth, two-digit day of birth, and the last four digits of your SSN in the format, MMDDSSSS
        • Example: If your birthday is January 1, and your SSN is 555-55-5555, your default password would be 01015555
      • If you do not have an SSN or Miami University does not have it on file, the last four digits of your Banner+ ID number will be used in the format, MMDDBBBB
        • Example: If your birthday is April 1, and your Banner+ ID is +00987654, your default password would be 04017654
      • Learn how to locate your Banner+ number
  • If you still cannot log in, change your password at MUnet Password Utilities
  • Learn how to find your UniqueID and MUnet password — your secure Miami account credentials
  • If you are receiving an Authentication Interrupt prompt, follow these instructions on Authentication Interrupts




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