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  • To provide guidelines on changing your Miami UniqueID to reflect a different last name or to correct a spelling error


  • Miami University Staff, Faculty, Student


  • 10384: UniqueID Lookup
  • UniqueID & Passwords
  • Miami University Accounts and Systems
  • Miami Credentials


  • A UniqueID is generally not changed, except in the case of a legal name change 
  • There are a few extenuating circumstances in which a UniqueID can be changed such as a preferred first name change. If you feel your situation fits this scenario, follow the instructions below. Requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis
    • Note: Your UniqueID does not change when you re-enroll as a returning student
  • Also see MUnet Password / Guide: Create your secure Miami credentials


Considerations and steps involved in changing your Miami UniqueID

  • Changing your Miami UniqueID is the same as deleting your old accounts and creating a whole new set of accounts. Much of the work that is involved in transitioning to the new set of accounts is your responsibility. In some circumstances, you might elect not to change your UniqueID
  • To request a change in your Miami UniqueID:
    1. Make sure your name has been changed with Personnel (for faculty and staff) or the Registrar (for students)
    2. Contact IT Help by phone at 513-529-7900 or by live chat at MiamiOH.edu/ITChat to make your request
    3. Provide the following information:
      • Valid contact information such as a phone number, both your old name and your new name, and your current address
      • Acknowledgement that you have read this article and that you understand the repercussions of changing your UniqueID. You may be contacted for confirmation before the changes have been committed
    4. Processing your request can take up to two weeks, since the initial steps are done manually. You will be notified that your old accounts are being disabled and that your new accounts have been created. After you receive the notification that your old accounts are being disabled, you will be able to log in to both your old and new accounts for 30 days. You must move your files and set up email forwarding during this time period

For internal use

Active student changing your Miami UniqueID

  • If you are an active student and want to change your UniqueID, your Canvas course work will not transfer with your new UniqueID
  • You must contact all professors to save a record of your scores and submissions, and after your new account has been created, you must confirm that all records have been saved. IT Services will then merge your Canvas accounts together manually
    • Note: Your UniqueID does not change when you re-enroll as a returning student


Account changes and actions required

Email address change 

  • Set up forwarding on your old account so that email will be forwarded to your new account — email will be forwarded for six months after your old accounts are suspended
  • If you use an email program that can filter messages, create a filter that will move any email received from your old address into a separate folder — you will then see the people or entities that are sending mail to your former email address
    • Notify senders of your new email address 


Unsubscribe and re-subscribe to any LISTSERVs

  • For any Miami LISTSERV lists to which you are not automatically subscribed, you must unsubscribe and then re-subscribed with your new email address.
    • Create a filter that will move any email received from your old address into a separate folder — you will then see the LISTSERV lists that are sending mail to your former email address 
    • See related articles on how to determine the LISTSERV lists to which you are subscribed, and how to join and leave lists
  • For any Miami LISTSERV lists to which you are automatically subscribed, you may receive duplicate messages — one message sent to each of your email addresses — until the accounts with your old Miami UniqueID are suspended. Subscription to these lists is controlled by the Account Generation process
  • If you are an owner, editor, or moderator of any LISTSERV lists, you must update your email address in the LISTSERV configuration of each individual list that you manage


Migrate the contents of your MyFiles and other personally-owned network space

  • If you have files and folders in your MyFiles (M: drive), home, or shared drives, you must migrate them to your new MyFiles and shared spaces that belong to your new UniqueID
  • You will be able to log into both your old and new accounts for only 30 days after you receive the notification that your old account is being disabled — it is your responsibility to move your files during this time period


Change/reset all passwords

  • The default password for your new account is your two-digit month of birth, two-digit day of birth, and the last four digits of your Social Security number (SSN) in the format, MMDDSSSS
    • Example: If your birth day is April 1, and your SSN is 555-555-5555, your default password would be 04015555
  • Change your password immediately: Go to Miami's MUnet Password Utilities page
  • Change your password for any other systems such as Native Banner (not BannerWeb), etc.


Re-establish and/or recreate accounts for additional systems

  • There are some systems on campus that are not automatically changed when your UniqueID is changed: Systems such as Banner and BannerWeb may all need to either be set up for access or reconfigured to work with your new accounts
  • Contact the Support Desk or the administrator for the system that needs attention


Re-establish ownership of entity accounts and other spaces

  • If you are an adviser or officer of any organizational or entity account, you must establish the same rights to the web spaces that you had with your old account
    • example: If you are set up as an editor of a web space for an organizational account, you must ask the adviser for the space to sign in and grant your new UniqueID access to the space
  • If you are the adviser, you must add yourself as an editor and grant ownership rights to your new UniqueID. For instructions, see the related article


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