Manage your identity at Miami / Guide


  • To instruct users on how to own their identity at Miami by making sure to update personal information in Miami’s systems
  • To instruct transgender users on how to change or update their name 
  • Miami University is committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive environment for students, faculty, and staff. This guide is intended to be a starting point for you to curate your Miami identity using the technological systems and services provided to you during your time with us (as long as you are associated in some way with Miami)


  • Student, faculty, staff


  • Preferred name / Name of use: An alternative to an individual's legal name as designated by the individual in University systems
  • Legal name / Primary name: A person’s legal name is the name they use for official government documents, such as licenses, passports, and tax forms

Directory information and preferred name

  • Policy: Student information contained in the Miami Directory
  • Miami Directory / Update your info in the directory
    • Here, you can update your preferred name in the directory. Once you update it here, various systems (listed below) will automatically update your name based on the value you put here
    • Miami will not accept a name of use (preferred name) that is vulgar, offensive, or obscene; creates confusion of the individual with another person; or otherwise constitutes misuse or abuse as defined in this policy. The name of use cannot be used for the purpose of misrepresentation and must otherwise comply with Miami policies, including the Student Code of Conduct
    • Please be aware: Some systems are immediately updated, and some happen overnight
      • If you change your preferred name in the Miami Directory and you discover it isn’t appearing in a particular place, report a technology inclusivity issue (Note: Wait at least one day after you change your preferred name in the directory)
    • Students: If you do not wish your families to know your preferred name or identity, change your settings in the Student Information for Families application
    • Please note: Your prefix will need to be updated by the appropriate office:
      • Student prefixes are set by One Stop
      • Staff prefixes are set by Human Resources
      • Faculty prefixes are set by Academic Personnel
  • Apply for graduation with your preferred/chosen name
    • When you apply to graduate, you will be asked which name you want to have on your diploma
  • Systems which use your preferred first name:
    • Advisee reports
    • Class and photo rosters
    • Canvas Learning Management System
    • Course Evaluations
    • Diploma (must request at time of application to graduate, see above)
    • Grade submission reports (accessed via Canvas)
    • Miami ID Card
    • myMiami
    • Online Directory listing (
    • Orientation scheduling
    • Student Success Collaborative (Navigate) - Adviser note-taking and scheduling
    • Student Wellness online programs
    • Study Abroad registration
    • Writing Consultations (Howe Center)
    • Zoom/Webex
  • Systems which use your legal (primary) first name:
    • BannerWeb
    • Bills, Bursar accounts
    • Conduct records
    • Degree Audit Reports
    • Federal immigration documents
    • Financial aid records
    • Grade submission reports (accessed via Banner)
    • Medical and insurance records
    • Office of Community Standards
    • Official transcript
    • Payroll
    • Police records
    • Professional licensure records
    • Student Disabilities Management (SAIM/AIM)
    • Verification requests and enrollment inquiries

Email aliases and UniqueID changes

  • START HERE: When would I want to set an email alias, and when would I want to request a UniqueID change?
    • Setting an email alias requires fewer steps and takes less time
    • UniqueID changes require you to fully delete your old account. There is the possibility that important information will get lost in the transition (if you don’t manually transfer it to your new account)
    • However, if you want to completely get rid of the name you are no longer using, deleting your old account and requesting a new UniqueID is the option
  • Students: Request email alias to match name
    • Please note: When you request an email alias, you will still need to use your UniqueID to log in to Miami systems.
  • Faculty and Staff: Create an Email Alias
  • In Google Mail, you can choose which email address / email alias you send from
  • Request a UniqueID change to reflect a preferred/chosen or changed legal name




  • Remember to update your professors, contacts, athletic coaches, colleagues, and others with this new information
  • You will still need to log in to Miami systems with your UniqueID when you set an email alias
  • If you choose to request a new email alias, move your important information accordingly
  • If you believe that any part of this process can be simplified or improved, report a technology inclusivity issue
  • To change your legal name with the University, contact One Stop


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