Miami Account / Correct your personal or account info


  • To provide instruction on resolving Miami personal or account information issues:
    • When data was entered incorrectly during account creation
    • When your birth date is incorrect in the system
    • When the Social Security Number on file is incorrect
    • When your default password does not work
    • When the name on your Miami account is misspelled 


  • Miami Account
  • BannerWeb
  • One Stop
  • Graduate School
  • Human Resources
  • Academic Personnel


  1. Contact the appropriate office based on your affiliation to have your record updated
  2. Wait 24 hours after confirmation from the office for the change to take effect
  3. If you have never successfully logged in to your account, contact IT Help at 513-529-7900 and explain that your information has recently been updated in the system to reflect your actual birthday or Social Security Number



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Mon 4/24/17 11:44 AM
Fri 4/23/21 5:16 PM
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