Request: MUnet Password / Change or reset my password


  • Reset my MUnet password
  • Change my MUnet password
  • Reset my password using my recovery options
    • Reset my password — I do not have recovery options


  • Miami's mandatory password change policy requires you to change your password every six months or five years
  • If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it using one of the password reset options on the MUnet Password Utilities page
  • If you have not established your password reset options, visit your campus support desk and present your Miami ID
  • If you are not able to visit a campus location or are unable to reset it yourself using the self-service options, complete and submit your password reset request form
    • Resetting your password using the request form will allow you to change your default password to any acceptable value. However, this will not change your mandatory password change date; a password change will still be enforced six months from the last official password change date


Go to MUnet Password Utilities

Change current, unexpired password


Reset forgotten or expired password using recovery option

  • If you established a password recovery email, mobile phone number (for text reset), or secret question/answer pair, you can create a new MUnet password
  1. To reset your password using your recovery option, go to our MUnet Password Utilities page
  2. Click I have forgotten my MUnet password and would like to use my recovery options
  3. Enter your validation information
  4. Answer your secret question or use one of the other recovery options
  5. Create your new password


Submit a request

Reset forgotten or expired password — no recovery option


Visit your campus assistance location 



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Miami University computing network (MUnet) users must change their MUnet passwords from the default, and then every 180 days or five years thereafter, depending on the complexity of the password provided