Restore access to my compromised Google account


  • I tried to log in to my school account, but my account has been disabled
  • I tried to log in to my Miami email, but I can't retrieve my email — it said my account is disabled
  • My email account is disabled. How can I get it re-enabled?
  • I was informed my account has been compromised
  • I noticed that someone else is sending spam messages from my account
  • My account is sending out spam
  • IT Services has locked my account and I can't log in
  • My Google account has violated Google's Terms of Service
  • My email was hacked
  • I cannot log into my Gmail account
  • I cannot log into my Miami email
  • My email is sending messages that I did not sending


  • G Suite
  • Phishing, Spam & Compromised Accounts
  • Gmail
  • Miami Account
  • MUnet Password
  • Security


  • Google disabled your account for security reasons


  1. Follow these KB instructions to change your MUNet password
  2. You must contact IT Help at 513-529-7900 to restore access to your Google account after changing your password
  3. Provide the following information:
    • The email address of the disabled account
    • The time and date when you changed your password
  4. When access has been restored, click the Sign out all other web sessions button to log out of any other current sessions using your account
  5. Follow these KB instructions to confirm that your Send mail as settings have not been changed 




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