Security / Configure 'Send mail as' email setting


  • To provide instruction on reconfiguring your email settings when:
    • All of your email messages are being sent as something other than your name
    • Emails sent from Gmail account have the wrong name in the From box
    • Your account was compromised, and now your emails are displaying the wrong name when you send them


  • Security
  • Miami Email
  • Phishing, spam


  • Your "Send mail as" setting has been incorrectly configured
  • A third party accessed your account and has used it to send out spam messages


  1. Log in to your Miami email account
  2. While in your Miami inbox, click on the gearbox in the upper-right corner
  3. Select the See all settings button
  4. Click on the Accounts tab
  5. Click on the Edit info link to the right of the Send mail as settings
  6. In the box that appears, highlight the unwanted name in the text field and delete
  7. Click the top selection: the one with your first and last name
  8. Save changes



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Tue 10/18/16 7:57 PM
Wed 10/12/22 12:51 PM
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