Student Information for Families / Parent and family account access

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  • To provide instruction on accessing your parent/family account when:
    • You want to know where to log in to pay your student's bill
    • You are unable to log in to your parent account to pay the bill
    • You would like to make a payment on your student's account, but your parent's password is not working
    • You cannot access the site to pay the tuition bill
    • You let your password setup link expire


  • 284774: Student Information for Families
  • Parent/Family Account


For the parent

  1. The parent information can be found at the new Student Information for Families app
  2. Your UniqueID is the personal email address your student used to create your parent account
  3. Your password is the password you created when you received your confirmation email
  4. If you still cannot access the site, go to the One Stop site for info on other secure online payment options


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