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  • To provide information about CAS authentication for access to Miami single sign-on services


  • Miami Web-based Services and Applications
  • 10189: Central Authentication Service (CAS)
    • Single Sign-on to Miami Services


  • Miami's Central Authentication Service (CAS) provides a single sign-on service that allows you to log in once and be authenticated to multiple Miami web-based services and applications
    • Your browser must have cookies enabled to support single sign-on; many supported services will not work correctly if you disable cookies
  • CAS single sign-on process handles authentication only: Authentication proves that you are who you say you are by asking you to provide your UniqueID and MUnet password
    • CAS does not handle authorization to individual services: Authorization determines whether you are allowed to access a web-based service or application
  • When integrating CAS authentication with your service or application, your site must redirect the user to the CAS login URL You must pass the return URL to your Miami site, so that CAS knows where to redirect authenticated users


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