Electronic Building Access Overview


Student, faculty, and staff gain entry to buildings and rooms across all electronically controlled Miami campus doors using their Miami ID card or a mobile app.

Capabilities, Benefits, and Key Features

General campus

  • Access to some locations granted automatically based on major, campus, housing assignment, office location, or classification
  • Tap access
  • MobileID access from a smartphone using Miami credentials

Authorized visitors

  • Granted access by the department contracting their services
  • Tap access 
  • MobileID access from a smartphone using Miami credentials

Building Point of Contacts (My Door Managers)

  • Add and remove individuals to locations under their purview
  • Request changes to the access schedule
  • Request addition or removal of doors to the access group
  • Request new access groups

What can I expect?

  • Electronic door opened within 10 seconds of tap or mobile ID
  • Adheres to schedule as determined by patron group
  • Door stays unlocked for under 20 seconds
  • Unauthorized access denied with audible beep and red indicator
  • Exterior doors propped open for longer than 40 seconds, may trigger an audible alarm
  • Double tapping a reader with your ID card behaves as unauthorized access
  • All residence halls are equipped with electronic doors to individual student rooms and specified exterior building doors
  • Other buildings and rooms, such as offices, classrooms, etc, are equipped as approved

Limitations / Technology Requirements

  • Chip embedded in Miami ID cards must be undamaged:
    • Punching a hole in the ID card needs to be done by the Campus Services Center
  • Wireless phone charging with card between phone and charger may damage the chip
  • MobileID requires IOS or Android smartphone compatible version from Apple Store or Google Play

Who may use it?

  • Students, faculty, and staff
  • Authorized visitors

Is there a charge to me or my department?

  • No separate charge exists for current students, faculty, staff, and authorized visitors to obtain initial card to operate the electronic doors.
  • Replacement ID cards available from Campus Services Center for a replacement fee.
  • Ongoing operation of approved readers paid for as part of operational budget for Finance and Business Services.
  • Physical repairs and initial installation of readers on doors are typically funded using departmental funds.


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