Electronic Building Access


Student, faculty, and staff gain entry to buildings and rooms across all electronically controlled Miami campus doors using their Miami ID card or a mobile app.

Capabilities, Benefits, and Key Features

General campus

  • Access to some locations granted automatically based on major, campus, housing assignment, office location, or classification
  • Tap access
  • MobileID access from a smartphone using Miami credentials

Authorized visitors

  • Granted access by the department contracting their services
  • Tap access 
  • MobileID access from a smartphone using Miami credentials

Building Point of Contacts (My Door Managers)

  • Add and remove individuals to locations under their purview
  • Request changes to the access schedule
  • Request addition or removal of doors to the access group
  • Request new access groups

What can I expect?

  • Electronic door opened within 10 seconds of tap or mobile ID
  • Adheres to schedule as determined by patron group
  • Door stays unlocked for under 20 seconds
  • Unauthorized access denied with audible beep and red indicator
  • Exterior doors propped open for longer than 40 seconds, may trigger an audible alarm
  • Double tapping a reader with your ID card behaves as unauthorized access
  • All residence halls are equipped with electronic doors to individual student rooms and specified exterior building doors
  • Other buildings and rooms, such as offices, classrooms, etc, are equipped as approved

Limitations / Technology Requirements

  • Chip embedded in Miami ID cards must be undamaged:
    • Punching a hole in the ID card needs to be done by the Campus Services Center
  • Wireless phone charging with card between phone and charger may damage the chip
  • MobileID requires IOS or Android smartphone compatible version from Apple Store or Google Play

Who may use it?

  • Students, faculty, and staff
  • Authorized visitors

Is there a charge to me or my department?

  • No separate charge exists for current students, faculty, staff, and authorized visitors to obtain initial card to operate the electronic doors
  • Replacement ID cards available from Campus Services Center for a replacement fee
  • Ongoing operation of approved readers paid for as part of operational budget for Finance and Business Services
  • Physical repairs and initial installation of readers on doors are typically funded using departmental funds
Door Access Issues Door Installations and Modifications Door Key Requests Door Schedule Change, Door Patron Group Change, or Patron Group Access Change Modify Building Point of Contact (BPOC) Membership Report an Issue with Mobile Reader


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Service Offerings (6)

Door Access Issues
Faculty, staff, and students may use this form to report issues with electronic locking doors at any Miami University campus.
Door Installations and Modifications
This internal form is used by PFD construction managers to report door additions or modifications to Finance & Business Services IT (FBSIT) for inclusion in Miami's electronic door control systems.
Door Key Requests
Building Points of Contact may use this form to request access a variety of door key related requests from PFD.
Modify Building Point of Contact (BPOC) Membership
Authorized requestors in the Physical Facilities department (PFD) may use this form to request changes to the BPOC membership list.
Report an Issue with Mobile Reader
Faculty, staff, and students may use this form to report issues with Mobile Reader.