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Guide: Determine qualification of email (or any electronic correspondence) as a retainable record

Miami University guideline provides defining qualifications of email (or any electronic correspondence) as a retainable record

Guide: Document retention and destruction

Miami University guideline provides protection of documents and records containing confidential information from unauthorized access or disclosure

Policy: Business Intelligence Information Governance

Miami University Business Intelligence Information is readily accessible to members of the University community, while protecting confidential or sensitive information from accidental or unauthorized access

Policy: Video Surveillance

Miami University uses video surveillance technology to enhance campus safety and security and to help maintain an environment conducive to quality education, individual privacy, diversity, and freedom of expression

Rationale: FERPA / Support response

The care and handling of student education records

Standard: Active Directory naming objects

Miami University standard provides a consistent manner to identify the functional area responsible for a given object in the Active Directory, and to prevent collisions between objects in different organizational units

Standard: Mobile Device Security

Miami University standard decreases the likelihood of a security incident and loss of confidential information as a result of a mobile device being lost or stolen

Standard: Vulnerability Management

Miami University standard provides a consistent method by which to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in Miami’s computing infrastructure in order to decrease the overall risk profile of the University