Photo Roster / Enter attendance information


  • To provide instruction on accessing and entering attendance in Photo Roster, when you want to:
    • Indicate when students begin attending your course(s)
    • Use began-attendance


  • Miami University Staff and Faculty


  • 10328: Photo Roster
  • 10304: myMiami myCourses


  1. Go to Photo Roster 
    • The list of classes assigned to you in Photo Roster is updated every 24 hours
      • If you do not see a class listed that you are assigned to teach, contact the course coordinator for your department
  2. Click the Show Attendance button to display the Attended column
    • The Show Attendance button will only display during required reporting periods
  3. Mark began-attendance information for each student by:
    • Entering Yes or No in the Attended column for each student individually
    • or using the Select All button to mark all students as Yes, indicating they began attendance; you can change individual students who did not begin attendance to No before submitting your report
  4. Verify your entries before clicking the Submit Attendance button at the bottom center of the page
    • Once you click the Submit Attendance button, you cannot change your entries
  5. Successful submission is reflected at the top of the page in the green bar message: Student Attendance Records Have Been Successfully Created  
    • Your submitted entries will display in the Attended column
  6. To hide entries when you no longer need to view them, click the Hide Attendance button



  • The deadline to submit began-attendance information is the same date as the last day to drop the course without a grade — consult the academic calendar
  • Once attendance has been submitted, entries cannot be changed on the Photo Roster
  • If a mistake was made, contact the Office of the University Registrar for assistance. If you missed a student, you will still be able to add his/her attendance information even after other entries have been submitted
  • Suggestions for ways to take attendance in a large class:
    • Give a quiz on first or second day of class
      • Hint: Quiz could be on the syllabus contents
    • Have students sign in at door
    • Use assigned seating charts for students, and ask TA or undergraduate associate to note empty seats
    • Ask students to fill out index cards with name and one question or thought related to the class
    • Do an online poll using Top Hat 
  • Because we also have hybrid and online courses, the following also count as academic activity when a student:
    • Submits an academic assignment (in class or online)
    • Takes a quiz or exam (in class or online)
    • Participates in an interactive tutorial or is involved with computer-assisted instruction
    • Attends a study group as assigned by the instructor
    • Participates in an online discussion as part of the course
    • Initiates contact with a faculty member to ask a question about the academic subject studied in the course
  • Academic activity does not result when a student:
    • Logs in to an online class but has no other academic activity online
    • Meets with an academic advisor



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