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Learning Management

Service provides a set of tools to supplement a course's teaching or provide a single online-course experience.

Making copies of rare and obsolete works for the library's collection

Faculty, staff, and students may use this form to request that alternate copies be made of rare and obsolete works for the library's collection.

Classroom Technologies

Service provides support of the teaching and learning experience through the provision and support of a standard package of classroom technologies

Request the Installation of Software on a Classroom Computer

Use this form to request the installation of software on a classroom computer

Classroom: Request Changes to the Technology in a Classroom or Conference Room

Technology staff may use this form to request changes to the technology in a classroom or conference room (e.g. install or upgrade projectors, add or upgrade document cameras, and request new features).

Classroom: Request Training on Classroom Technologies

Faculty may use this form to request training on the technologies found within classrooms.

Student Response Technology (Clickers) Overview

Student Response Technology (Clickers) are an interactive tool used to do frequent, in-class educational assessment such as polling and quiz-taking.

Purchasing a TurningPoint Clicker or ResponseWare License

To purchase a clicker handheld device, visit the Miami University Bookstore or visit vendor hosted Turning Technologies Student Store.

Laptops and Peripherals Available for use at the University Libraries

The University Libraries currently check out laptop computers from King Library and in the BEST Library. Visit the Library website for more checkout information.