Procedure: KM / Find an unpublished draft in the KB


  • To provide instruction on searching for an unsubmitted or submitted unpublished draft in the Knowledge Base


  • Knowledge Contributor


  • 55923: Knowledge Management Process
  • 348532: Knowledge Base (KB)
  • 56345: Knowledge Management (KM 2.0)


  • To reduce confusion among support personnel who must quickly search the KB for accurate and usable content, we have reconfigured certain TeamDynamix licenses and permissions to limit internal-user access to approved and published articles only
  • While this practice excludes all unsubmitted and submitted (unpublished) drafts from a standard search of the KB, these drafts are available to the Owner — usually the creator of the article — through a search of My Articles


  1. Log in to the KB
  2. Click the My Articles tab in the secondary menu bar
  3. On the Search page, filter your search with any of the following selections:
    • Category field: Enter and select the name of the KB category where the draft was saved
    • Owner field: Enter and select the name of the person who created and saved the draft 
    • Created Date field: Enter or select the earliest possible date on which the draft was saved
      NOTE: If you don't know the Category, Owner, or Created Date, clear these fields of any entry
  4. From the Status drop-down, select Not Submitted 
    • If no results are returned for Not Submitted, change the Status drop-down selection to Submitted and try your search again
  5. Select the Unpublished radio button
  6. Click the Search button
  7. Browse the resulting list for the unpublished draft



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