Procedure: KM / Review and publish internal-use Knowledge content


  • To provide instruction on publishing internal-use content to the Knowledge Base


  • Document and publish internal-use content for:
    • Help Desk agents to use in troubleshooting or resolving an issue with your service or product
    • Ordinal-tier Miami support staff to use in resolving an issue or fulfilling a standard request form or change ticket
    • Group members to use in resolving an issue or fulfilling a standard request form or change ticket


  • Knowledge Base Manager
  • Publisher
  • Super-SME (Subject-matter Expert)


  • 55923: Knowledge Management Process
  • 348532: Knowledge Base (KB)
  • 56345: Knowledge Management (KM 2.0)


  1. In the KB Editor Subject field, give your article an appropriate title in the following format:
    • Example: Procedure: <Service, Application, or Asset Name> / <Resolution>
    • Example: Fulfillment: <Service, Application, or Asset Name> / <Request or Standard Change>
    • Example: TechSupport Guide: <Service, Application, or Asset Name>
  2. In the content, make a distinction between Objective and Scope, if you include a scope of the procedure
  3. Indicate workflow groups, if a workflow is indicated
  4. Include asset numbers for all Environment entities listed
  5. Apply the correct Target and Advisory Title to each link given in content: 
    • Target:  New Window (_blank)
    • Advanced > Advisory TitleLink opens in a new window
  6. Select Save
  7. Under the Settings tab, select the correct Category
  8. Add the correct tag for the type of internal procedure: SOP, Analytical, or Maintenance
  9. Change Next Review Date to the first of the month, twelve months from date of publication except the months of 09 (September) and 10 (October)
  10. Change Owner to the owning group of the primary asset; check Notify Owner on Feedback
  11. Add Asset information in this format: <Asset Number>: <Asset Name> at <Asset record URL> <Space> <Return>
  12. Check the name of the Responsible SME or Group
  13. Check the name of the Responsible Project Group, if any
  14. Check the name(s) of the Supported Office or Community
  15. Select Save


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