Procedure: KM / Link internal-use content to public-facing content


  • To provide instruction on providing a supporting procedure for solver groups to use in resolving a publicly documented user issue 
    • To provide instruction on linking an internal-use procedure article to a public-facing article


  • Subject-matter Expert (SME)
  • Knowledge Contributor
  • Knowledge Management Process Owner


  • 55923: Knowledge Management Process
  • 348532: Knowledge Base (KB)
  • 56345: Knowledge Management (KM 2.0)


  1. In the corresponding public-facing article, click the Edit Article button 
  2. In the Body editor field, scroll to the end of the article and enter the header Resolution (<administrator>)
    • Examples: Resolution (AppOps), Resolution (Help Desk)
  3. In the menu bar, click the Link button (chain icon) to open the Link box
    1. On the Link Info tab, paste the procedure article URL in the URL field
    2. On the Advanced tab, enter -1 in the Tab Index field
    3. On the Advanced tab, enter Link opens in a new window, for internal use in the Advisory Title field
    4. Click OK to save and close the Link box
  4. Click Save
  5. Click the Related Articles tab
  6. In the Select Related Articles field, enter the title or use the search function to select the title of the supporting procedure article
  7. Click the Add button



  • Your procedure article will retain the viewing permissions of the internal folder in which it is published; public users will not be able to follow the Resolution (administrator) link or see the Related Articles link
  • Related articles 


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