Procedure: KM / Retire a KB article to archive



  • Service Owner/Group Manager
  • Subject-matter Expert (SME)
  • Knowledge Management Process Owner


  • 55923: Knowledge Management Process
  • 348532: Knowledge Base (KB)
  • 56345: Knowledge Management (KM 2.0)


  1. Log in to the KB to review your article 
  2. If the content is no longer relevant, scroll to the review box at the end of the article
    1. Click No to answer the question, Was this helpful?
    2. Enter the following text in the Comments box: Article moved to archive. Currency review determined that content is outdated, obsolete, or invalid. 
    3. Click Submit
  3. Click the Edit Article button
  4. Click the Settings tab
  5. On the Settings page, change article Status to Archived
    • If your TDX permissions do not allow you to archive your article, simply follow these instructions through Step 2. Your friendly neighborhood KBManager will take care of the rest
  6. Click Save, and then exit 





Article ID: 22482
Thu 1/5/17 10:40 AM
Wed 2/15/23 11:06 AM
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