Guide: Choose a Duo authentication method (START HERE!)


  • To provide guidance in choosing the Duo Security authentication method that's right for you


  • All current Miami University Students, Faculty, Staff
    • Miami's alumni, retiree, parents, and emeriti populations are not required to enroll in Duo and will continue to use their Miami password


  • 312306: Duo Security Two-factor Authentication
  • Duo Mobile App
    • Android, iPhone, or Windows smartphone
    • Android or iOS tablet
  • Mobile Phone (cell phone other than a smartphone)
  • Desk Phone (landline)
  • YubiKey 4 Series Security Key
    • YubiKey hardware token
    • U2F hardware device
    • U2F authenticator
    • U2F security token
  • DIGIPASS GO 6 (OneSpan) authenticator hardware



On a smartphone with Duo Mobile


On a tablet with Duo Mobile


On a mobile phone (cell phone other than a smartphone)

  • Follow these KB instructions to enroll a mobile phone for use with Duo
  • Duo works with any mobile phone — a cellphone other than a smartphone or a smartphone without the Duo Mobile app — by supporting these authentication methods:
    • Callback
      • You will receive an automated call from the number 1-513-529-7900
      • When prompted by the automated message, press any key on your mobile phone keypad to approve the login request
    • SMS text message (if your mobile phone can receive SMS text messages)
      • You will receive a text message from containing a six-digit passcode
      • Click the Enter a Passcode button, type in the passcode you received from Duo via text message, and click Log In
  • This Duo guide article will tell you more about using Duo with a mobile phone
  • It will be important to remember that if you replace your mobile phone you will need to use the original enrolled phone to authenticate into your Duo settings to unenroll the older device and then enroll the new phone.


On a landline (desk phone)


On a YubiKey hardware device


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