Duo / Guide: Authenticate when traveling


  • To provide information on using Duo two-factor authentication when away from campus
  • To provide information on the various authentication methods you can use when traveling or studying abroad


  • 312306: Duo Security Two-factor Authentication
  • Duo Mobile App
    • Android, iPhone, or Windows smartphone
    • Android or iOS tablet
  • Mobile Phone (cell phone other than a smartphone)
  • YubiKey Security Key
    • YubiKey hardware token
    • U2F hardware device
    • U2F authenticator
    • U2F security token
  • Feitian Hardware Token


  • You can use Duo when traveling or studying abroad
    • Duo will work in airplane mode, in areas without a cellular signal, and in locations with no Wi-Fi signal, because the Duo Mobile app (installed on your smartphone or tablet) can generate Duo Passcodes even when no network connection is available
    • Duo, when used with a U2F hardware device, will work in areas with unreliable Internet access or coverage 
  • Before you travel, MUIT recommends that you decide which Duo device option(s) you will use when away from campus and enroll a secondary device, in case your primary device is unavailable
  • If you plan to travel outside the U.S., be sure to check with your mobile carrier regarding any fees you may incur for texts received while abroad
    • If you're concerned about data usage, select an authentication method like Duo Push or Duo Passcodes — both are available via the Duo Mobile app





  • Travel scenario: You left your phone at home or the hotel
    • Suggested authentication option: Request a passcode from IT Help
      • Required: After you've enrolled your primary device for use with Duo Security, MUIT recommends that you add a second device to your account. This will give you the ability to log in to your applications if the device you use regularly to authenticate is damaged, lost, or forgotten
      • Not required: Duo Mobile app, Internet connection, phone service
    • Follow these KB instructions to request a bypass code 



  • Travel scenario: You need access to Miami's VPN while traveling
    • Suggested authentication option: Use Duo Mobile app passcodes
      • Required: Duo Mobile app installed on your smartphone or tablet
      • Required: Internet connection
      • Not required: phone service, YubiKey hardware device
    • Follow these KB instructions to enroll a smartphone for use with Duo
    • Follow these KB instructions to enroll a tablet for use with Duo
    • Additional information regarding alternate options:
      • If you use the Duo Mobile app to receive push notifications for authentication, be aware that there is a short timeout period the first time authenticating with Duo to VPN and it can be difficult to respond to the push notification fast enough. You can use one of the Duo Mobile app's passcodes the first time authenticating without running into the timeout issue
      • If you use the SMS texted codes, be aware that there is a short timeout period the first time authenticating with Duo to VPN and it can be difficult to respond to a texted code fast enough. If you receive texted codes you may have to cancel the first attempt, and use the passcode on the next attempt to get logged in
      • If you use a YubiKey hardware device, be aware that you will need to have the YubiKey configured for use with VPN






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