Miami Account / Expiration


  • To provide information on the continuation and expiration of Miami accounts and services for students, faculty, and staff after leaving the University


  • Retired Miami University Staff, Faculty (Emeriti)
    • Former Miami University Staff, Faculty
  • Miami University Alumni, Alumnae
    • Former Miami University Student


  • 10262: Google Mail (email e-mail)
    • Lifetime Email
  • 10282: Lifetime Email for Alumni Sign-up Form
  • 10218: Courtesy Account
  • Employee Accounts
  • Miami Account


  • Retirees and emeriti are eligible for Lifetime email through membership in SOME and SOMR
    • Retirees and emeriti retain access to Google Drive space, but not M: drive space
  • All alumni/alumnae are eligible for a Lifetime email account
  • Staff and faculty accounts expire 45 days after leaving the University
    • Access to all Miami University services and sites should automatically expire 45 days after leaving the University
      • This includes but is not limited to:
        • Miami Google Services including Gmail, Calendar, and Drive
        • Banner
        • Canvas
        • Departmental Files
        • BannerWeb and Tax Information
        • Miami VPN
        • myMiami
    • If you need access to tax documentation, pay stubs, or verification of earnings or deductions, after the 45 days has passed, please contact
      Human Resources by email at
    • If you believe you will need access to your account beyond this time, ask your department chair or current supervisor to request a courtesy account on your behalf
    • If you believe your employee status is incorrect, contact the appropriate Human Resources department
      • Faculty: Call Academic Personnel at 513-529-6724
      • Staff: Call Human Resources at 513-529-3131
  • All student accounts offer Lifetime email access and will not be deactivated — log in directly through





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