Miami Account / Expiration


  • To provide information on the continuation and expiration of Miami accounts and services for students, faculty, and staff after leaving the University



  • Retired Miami University Staff, Faculty (Emeriti)
    • Former Miami University Staff, Faculty
  • Miami University Alumni
    • Former Miami University Student


  • 10262: Google Mail (email e-mail)
    • Lifetime Email
  • 10218: Courtesy Account
  • Employee Accounts
  • Miami Account


Retirees / Emeriti

  • Retirees and emeriti are eligible for Lifetime email through membership in the Society of Miami Emeriti (SOME) and the Society of Miami Retirees (SOMR)
    • Retirees and emeriti retain access to Google Drive space, but not M: drive space


Students (graduate and undergraduate)

  • After graduation (or departure) from Miami, your accounts will be maintained for a set period before the termination process begins
  • Your Miami account will remain active for 180 days following your departure from Miami
  • Note: If you need a transcript, you can order one through
  • If you are not enrolled and would like to return to Miami next semester, you may apply for re-enrollment by completing an application at
  • If you are not currently enrolled as a student but are continuing class work toward degree completion, ask a qualifying sponsor (e.g., your department Dean or Chair, or an advisor) to request a courtesy account on your behalf for this purpose. You will need to provide this sponsor with your address and phone number so that they can complete the courtesy account request form. If you wish to make sure there is no discontinuation in your account, please request a courtesy account before the 180-day expiration deadline


Staff / Faculty

  • Staff and faculty accounts expire 45 days after leaving the University (unless you have been inducted into SOME or SOMR; please see above)
    • Access to all Miami University services and sites should automatically expire 45 days after leaving the University
      • This includes but is not limited to:
        • Miami Google Services including Gmail, Calendar, and Drive
        • Banner
        • Canvas
        • Departmental Files
        • BannerWeb and Tax Information
        • Miami VPN
        • myMiami
        • Microsoft Office
        • Zoom 
    • If you need access to tax documentation, pay stubs, or verification of earnings or deductions, after the 45 days has passed, please contact
      Human Resources by email at
    • If you believe you will need access to your account beyond this time, ask your department chair or current supervisor to request a courtesy account on your behalf
    • If you believe your employee status is incorrect, contact the appropriate Human Resources department
      • Faculty: Call Academic Personnel at 513-529-6724
      • Staff: Call Human Resources at 513-529-3131