Termination of my student accounts after graduation


  • When I graduate, how long will my account remain active?
  • When I leave the University, how long will my account stay active?


  • Student Accounts
  • Identity and Access Management


  • All alumni/alumnae receive Lifetime email account access — log in directly through mail.MiamiOH.edu
    • All student accounts offer Lifetime email access and will not be deactivated
  • After your graduation from Miami, your accounts will be maintained for at least a month before the termination process begins
    • Access to all Miami University services and sites, including Miami VPN, BannerWeb, and myMiami, should automatically expire 45 days after graduation
  1. Email notification of account termination
    • You will receive an email notification at your Miami email address (<UniqueID>@MiamiOH.edu) 30 days before your accounts enter the termination process
    • If you have not already done so, copy all files you want to save to another system
  2. Accounts are suspended
    • Your accounts will be suspended for 30 days before being permanently deleted; once your accounts are suspended, only a system administrator can recover files stored in your accounts
  3. Accounts are deleted
    • Your accounts will be permanently deleted 30 days after being suspended


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