Google Workspace / Download data from your Miami account in your browser


  • To provide information for how to download personal data from a Miami Google Workspace account (Drive, Photos) for moving to a personal Google account


  • By moving files out of a Miami Google Workspace account, users can free up space and make sure they are under quota
  • Please see the IT Services website for more information about quotas and Google Storage limitations


  • Students, faculty, staff, former students, retirees, emeriti


  • 11357: Google Workspace for Education
    • 10259: Google Drive


Download Google data from your Miami account

  1. Select all of the desired folders and files you wish to move out of Miami’s Google domain
  2. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the Drive screen
  3. Select Download 


Move your data to a new location

Once you have access to your Google account archive, download that file to your computer and move it to one or multiple of the following:




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