ClassTech / Troubleshoot a projection system


  • To provide general instruction on troubleshooting a classroom projection system

User & Environment

  • Faculty, Instructor, Student
  • Classroom


  • Standard technology package
  • Projection system


Control Panel: No display or unresponsive

  1. Tap the center of the touch screen to wake
  2. If the panel does not wake, or the buttons do not control the system, dial 9-7900 on the room phone, and then press 9


Projector: Does not project when HDMI source is selected

  1. Unplug the HDMI cable
  2. Plug it back in
  3. Set computer resolution to 1920x1080
  4. Duplicate or mirror your display


Projector: Blank screen or no signal

  1. Check the control panel
    • Press the Picture Mute button on the control panel to toggle on 
  2. Check the resident PC
    • Wake the PC by moving the mouse or pressing keys on the keyboard
    • Verify the PC is on inside the left-hand cabinet door, press the top-left power button on the computer
  3. Check the document camera
    • Press and hold the Power button — the light should turn blue when powered on
  4. Check the laptop or other device
    • Disconnect and reconnect the VGA or HDMI cable, and then press the corresponding button on the control panel
    • Restart the device with the VGA or HDMI cable connected
    • Adjust your device's display resolution to be 1920 x 1080 or lower


Multiple Projectors: Blank screen or no signal

If you still have an issue with any projector in the room after checking items 2, 3, and 4 above, try the following: 

  1. Check the power state (on or off) of each projector — all projectors (except short throw projectors) should power on with the system by default
    • If any ceiling-mounted projectors have no signal or are powered off (status light on projector is red), enter the Advanced Projector Options on the touch panel
  2. In Advanced Projector Options, check the following: 
    • Make sure the power is on for each projector (image label #1)
    • Make sure you have selected an input to render, or send to each projector (image label #2)
    • Make sure you have NOT muted the picture to any of the projectors unless desired (image label #3)

Touch panel advanced projector options screen shown with Power ON, inputs, and Video MUTE indicated


Sound: No audio

  1. Check the control panel
    • Press and hold the Volume Up button while audio is playing
  2. Check the resident PC
    • Verify the sound is not muted or turned down on the computer itself
  3. Check the laptop or other device
    • HDMI: In the control panel or system preferences on your device, choose Crestron or HDMI Audio for your audio output



  • Always test technology and media before attempting to use it during a live class
  • Log off or restart the resident PC when you have finished using the equipment — do not shut down
  • Do not leave a projector in Picture Mute mode when you leave the room
  • Power-down the projection system when you have finished using the equipment
  • If you need immediate help, locate the phone in the room, dial 9-7900, and then press 9