ClassTech / Use the resident PC


  • To provide instruction on using a resident PC as part of a classroom technology package

User & Environment

  • Faculty, Instructor, Student
  • Classroom


  • Resident PC
  • Standard technology package


  1. With the projection system on, select Computer on the control panel — if there is no image, move the mouse or press a key on the keyboard to wake the computer

    Control panel with Computer source button indicated
  2. Log in to the computer using your UniqueID and password
    • If you are unaffiliated with the University, enter the username .\muguest (include period and backslash), and the password welcome
  3. Log Off or Restart when finished using the Resident PC — do not shut down

    Computer desktop and Start menu with Log off button indicated


Troubleshooting: Black Screen or No Signal

  1. Verify PC is Powered On: In the left cabinet door, press the top-left power button on the computer
  2. Toggle Picture Mute: Press the PICTURE MUTE button on the control panel 

    Resident PC control panel with PICTURE MUTE button indicated



  • This PC includes standard software, such as Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, VLC Media Player, CyberLink PowerDVD, and more. If you need a particular software, please contact us ahead of time to make arrangements, or submit your request for the installation of software on a classroom computer
  • Power-down the projection system when you are finished using the equipment
  • Something not working? Our guide to troubleshooting a classroom projection system lists all the little things you should check before you panic
  • If you need immediate help, locate the phone in the room and dial 9-7900, and then press 9
Request the Installation of Software on a Classroom Computer


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