ClassTech / Use a short-throw projector


  • To provide instruction on the use of an Epson BrightLink Interactive Projector (a short-throw projector) as part of a classroom technology package

User & Environment

  • Faculty, Instructor, Student
  • Classroom


  • Epson BrightLink Interactive Projector, and Easy Tools software for annotation and capture
  • Standard technology package, multi-projection room


  1. With the projection system on, select Power on Short Throw Projector on the touch panel

    Image of the short throw projector power on button on the touch panel indicated
  2. Wait a few moments for the device to power on and initialize. The default input will be the resident PC, so you should see its desktop image appear soon
  3. Selecting Advanced Projector Options on the touch panel will allow you to render a different input on the short throw projector

    image of advanced projector options, with the short throw projector options indicated

  4. Open the Easy Tools software with the desktop icon, if it isn't running

    image of computer desktop with launch icon for Easy Tools software indicated

  5. Use the supplied stylus to perform annotation and capture on the whiteboard below the projector



  • Issue: Annotation appears on the short-throw screen but NOT the room's main projection screen
    • Diagnosis: The stylus interaction is set to PC Free
  • Resolution: Set it to PC Interactive by clicking the mouse and keyboard icon at the bottom of the Easy Tools toolbar

    image of Easy Tools software toolbar with pen modes and PC Interactive mode indicated


  • Issue: Annotation appears askew or is offset from the stylus pen tip when writing
    • Diagnosis: Short-throw projector requires a re-calibration routine to be run
  • Resolution: Click the User button on the supplied remote. Answer Yes to the prompt to begin the calibration, and let the calibration finish 

    image of short throw projector remote with the user button indicated



  • Power-down the projection system when you are finished using the equipment; the short throw projector will power down automatically as well
  • Something not working? Review our troubleshooting guide for a projection system to learn all the little things you should check before you panic
  • If you need immediate help, locate the phone in the room and dial 9-7900, and then press 9



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