ClassTech / Connect a wireless device


  • To provide instruction on connecting a wireless device for use with a classroom technology package

User & Environment

  • Faculty, Instructor, Student
  • Classroom


  • Wireless device
  • Standard technology package


  1. With the projection system on, select Wireless Device on the control panel

    Image of control panel indicating Wireless Device button
  2. Wait a few moments while the device powers on—the Air Media Welcome screen will appear when complete
  3. Open a web browser on your wireless device and enter the IP address at the top of the screen into the address bar—IP address appears in parentheses at the top of the screen as a series of four numbers, separated by periods 

    Image of Air Media Welcome screen with the IP address indicated
  4. On the web page, click the Download button appropriate for your device, and then open the file

    Image of Air Media website for downloading appropriate control application
  5. In the Login box, enter the four-digit code (shown on the projector) in the top-right corner of the Air Media Welcome screen

    image of Air Media Login box indicating prompt for code entry
  6. Use the control tool to start, stop, or freeze the presentation

    Image of Air Media control tool
  7. When finished, click the Stop button on the control tool, and then exit or quit the application on your device



  • Power-down the projection system when you are finished using the equipment
  • Something not working? Our general troubleshooting guide for a projection system lists all the little things you should check before you panic
  • If you need immediate help, locate the phone in the room, dial 9-7900, and then press 9



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