Wireless Network / Connect a macOS computer to MU-Wireless

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  • To provide instruction on connecting your personal macOS computer to MiamiOH-Secure


  • 10139: Wireless Network
    • MiamiOH-Secure
  • Personally Owned Computer
    • macOS


  1. Use an Ethernet cable to connect to the Miami Network
    • Be sure to change your network setting to Wired
  2. Download the wireless configuration tool for Mac
  3. Press Continue
  4. Press Continue again
  5. Enter your Miami UniqueID and password in the Username and Password fields
  6. Follow the instructions as prompted to complete the process



  • For best results, forget/delete MU-Wireless, MU-Gaming and MU-Guest from your remembered networks to ensure that your device will stay connected to MU-Wireless while on campus
  • If you can see the wireless networks, but are still unable to connect to the Miami network, contact IT Help by phone at 513-529-7900 or by live chat at MiamiOH.edu/ITChat. Provide the following information: 
    • Location
    • Media Access Control address (MAC) for your device(s)
    • Contact information


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