Procedure: CIT Server / Remote access on macOS

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  • To provide instruction on accessing the CIT server on macOS


  • Computer and Information Technology (CIT) Faculty, Staff, and Student


  • Personally Owned Computer 
    • macOS
  • CIT Server


  1. If you are off-campus, connect to the Miami VPN
  2. Go the App Store to download Microsoft Remote Desktop 10
  3. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop and click the Add Desktop button at the center of the page. you can also find the Add Desktop button in the upper left corner it looks like a plus there will be a drop-down click add pc. 
  4. In the dialog box, enter in the PC name field
  5. Click the user account drop-down and click Add User Account
  6. For the username, enter your Miami UniqueID 
  7. For the password, enter your MUnet password
  8. Click Add on the user and then click Add on the machine
  9. Launch machine
    • Note: You will get a DUO prompt; the default is Push notification





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