Procedure: MySQL / Use on CIT server and lab computers

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  • To provide instruction on using MySQL on the CIT server and Lab Computers 


  • Computer and Information Technology (CIT) Faculty, Staff, and Student


  • CIT Server
  • Lab Computers


  1. If you are using the CIT server, follow these steps to connect
  2. If on lab computers, sign-in
  3. Go to the Start menu and scroll down to M
  4. Open the MySQL folder
  5. Launch MySQL Workbench or MySQL Command line
  6. If you are using the MySQL Command line, skip to step 7 
    1. In MySQL WorkBench, look for the heading, MySQL Connections, halfway down the page
    2. Under that, there is a box that says something like Mysql Local instance
      • Note: The lab and the server will not be named the exact same thing
    3. Click on the box and then enter your password in the resulting dialogue box



  • The MySql server is a Local Instance: If you start it on the CIT server, you won't be able to access on the lab computers unless you copy the files


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