LISTSERV / Create, reset, or register your password


  • To provide instructions on creating, resetting, or registering your LISTSERV password when:
    • You need to access your LISTSERV subscription options or a private LISTSERV list


  • 10283: LISTSERV


  • Accessing your subscription options, as well as some private lists, require you to supply an email address and LISTSERV password
  • This procedure can also be used to reset forgotten passwords by creating a new LISTSERV password
  1. Go directly to the LISTSERV password registration page
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Enter your desired password
  4. Enter your desired password again (for verification)
  5. Click the Register Password button
  6. Check your email for a confirmation request from LISTSERV
    • You must respond to the confirmation request before your LISTSERV password will be set
  7. To confirm your request, click on the URL in the LISTSERV email message for an instant confirmation message
    • Or use your email REPLY function to send a message saying OK to



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