LISTSERV / Locate a list or list archive


  • To provide instruction on locating a University-supported email list on Miami's LISTSERV server
  • To provide instruction on locating Miami's LISTSERV archive


  • 10283: LISTSERV


  1. Go to Miami's LISTSERV home page
  2. Click the Go to Archive/Find a List link in the navigation bar on the left side of the page
  3. Scroll through the archive list to see what is available or use your browser's find command to search for keywords
  4. To access a specific list, click on the name of the list in the table
  5. Click the appropriate link to:
    • Subscribe or Unsubscribe
    • Search Archives by entering a search string in the text field beneath Advanced Options, and then clicking the Search button
    • Search Archives by clicking the Search button with the field blank — using this second strategy quickly loads a search page with fields for subject, author's address, and date range



  • All University supported email lists are managed by the Miami LISTSERV server
  • The LISTSERV main archives page lists all public Miami LISTSERV lists. List owners may choose whether to have their lists appear in the public archive. You can view a list's archive, if you know the name of the list; and you can access the list archives directly using the list name as part of the URL. In some cases, archives are restricted to subscribers to the list. You must provide a valid email address that is subscribed to the list and the corresponding password



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