LISTSERV / Manage a list through the web interface


  • To provide instruction on managing your LISTSERV list through the web interface so that you are able to:
    • Add or remove subscribers
    • Query list subscribers
    • Make changes to the behavior of the list


  • 10283: LISTSERV


  1. Go to Miami's LISTSERV interface  
  2. Click List Management and select List Dashboard
  3. If prompted, log in to the list using the email address with which you are subscribed and your LISTSERV password
  4. To filter to just your lists, click the Self Only link, that appears to the right of Show Lists Owned By to see only the lists that you own
    • A table containing the lists you own will appear in the Dashboard for <UniqueID> section of your web interface
    • If ownership of a list needs to be changed, contact the current owner(s)
    • If the current owners have left, please submit a ticket to us, in IT, and we will be glad to help
  5. To change the options of your list — like who can send to it — click Configure
    • To see the mail sent to it, click the list name
    • To manage subscribers, click View under the subscriber column



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