Procedure: KM / Create a content-specific template


  • To provide instruction for creating a content-specific template as may be required for non-standard documentation
  • To provide overview of template lifecycle and currency review


  • Knowledge Base Manager (KB Manager)
  • Subject-matter Expert (SME)


  • 55923: Knowledge Management Process
  • 348532: Knowledge Base (KB)
  • 56345: Knowledge Management (KM 2.0)


  1. SME develops and drafts content-specific template
    • Template must be drafted in a way that allows use for multiple purposes
    • Template must follow the standard format for headers and text, and adhere to the same accessibility guidelines
  2. SME submits content-specific template to KB manager for review and approval
  3. KB manager creates and publishes the template in the editor tool
  4. KB manager reviews all templates annually to ensure relevance and usefulness


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