MUprint / Guide: Printer locations


  • To inform users of strategically located MUprint devices (release stations)


  • 10708: MUprint
    • formerly Pay for Print, Pay4Print
  • ComDoc Print Services


Oxford Campus

  • Armstrong Student Center, rooms 2065 and 3002
    • Hours: 7:00AM–12:00AM
  • Benton Hall, rooms 16 and 145
    • Hours: Sun, 7:00AM–Midnight; Mon–Thurs, 8:00AM–Midnight; Fri, 8:00AM–5:00PM; Sat, Noon–5:00PM
  • Center for Performing Arts, room 072B (basement)
    • Hours: 6:00AM–10:00PM
  • Farmer School of Business, room 1009
    • Hours: Mon–Fri, 7:00AM–10:00PM; Sat, 11:00AM–5:00PM
  • Irvin Hall, room 60
    • Hours: Mon–Fri, 7:00AM–10:00PM; Sat–Sun, closed 
  • McGuffey Hall, hallway at room 219
    • Hours: Mon–Fri, 6:00AM–10:00PM; Sat–Sun, closed 
  • Phillips Hall, room 107
    • Hours: Mon–Fri, 5:45AM–10:00PM; Sat–Sun, closed 
  • Presser Hall, room 110 (Music Majors Only)
    • Hours: Mon–Fri, 6:00AM–10:00PM; Sat–Sun, closed 
  • University Libraries
    • Art & Architecture Library (Alumni Hall), rooms 7G and 106
      • Hours: Sun, 12:00PM–10:50PM; Mon–Thurs, 7:30AM–10:50PM; Fri, 7:30AM–4:50PM; Sat, 12:00PM–5:50PM
    • King Library, rooms 031A, 112, 135-01, 138-01, 138-02, 138-07, and 237
      • Hours: 7:00AM-1:00AM, except for Holidays or Miami breaks

Hours may vary due to COVID restrictions


Hamilton Campus

  • Mosler Hall, room 302
    • Hours: Mon–Thurs, 7:00AM–10:00PM; Fri, 7:00AM–5:00PM; Sat–Sun, closed 
  • Rentschler Hall, room 115
    • Hours: Mon–Thurs, 7:00AM–10:00PM; Fri, 7:00AM–5:00PM; Sat–Sun, closed
  • Schwarm Hall, rooms 200-1 and 200-2
    • Hours: Mon–Thurs, 7:00AM–10:00PM; Fri, 7:00AM–5:00PM; Sat–Sun, closed 
  • University Hall, room 113A
    • Hours: Mon–Tues, Thurs, 7:00AM–9:00PM; Wed, 7:00AM–5:30PM; Sat–Sun, closed 

Hours may vary due to COVID restrictions


Middletown Campus

  • Gardner-Harvey Library, rooms 1 and 101
  • Johnston Hall, room 2

Virtual Queue to Printer Reference

Color and B&W

The following virtual queue intake methods:

Web Print: MUprint Color and B&W (virtual)
Email to Print:
On-Campus Lab Computer MUprint Color and B&W


Release to the following printers:

P4P-ASC1054-C1-C8145  Armstrong 1054
P4P-ASC3002-C1-C8145  Armstrong 3002
P4P-ASC3002-C2-C8145  Armstrong 3002
P4P-ALU7G-C2-C8145  Art Library
P4P-BEN008-C1-C8145  Benton 008
P4P-BEN016-C1-C405  Benton 016
P4P-CPA218-C1-C8145 Center for Performing Arts 072B
P4P-CHS2150-C1-C8145 Clinical Health Science 2150
P4P-FSB1009-C1-C8145  Farmer 1009
P4P-FSB1009-C2-C8145  Farmer 1009
P4P-GRD001-C1-C8145  Gardner Harvey 001
P4P-GRD101-C1-c8145 Gardner Harvey 101
P4P-IRV060-C1-C8145  Irvin 060 LRC Lab
P4P-KNG112-C2-C8145  King 112 PINK
P4P-KNG112-C1-C8145  King 112 YELLOW
P4P-KNG138-C4-C8145  King 138 Alcove Blue
P4P-KNG138-C3-C8145  King 138 Alcove GREEN
P4P-KNG138-C1-C8145  King 138 Alcove Orange
P4P-KNG138-C2-C8145  King 138 Alcove PURPLE
P4P-MOS302-C1-C8145  Mosler 302
P4P-PHI107-C1-C8145  Phillips 107
P4P-SCH200C1-C8145 Schwarm 200
P4P-SCH200C2-C8145 Schwarm 200
P4P-UHH113A-C1-C8145  University Hall 113A

P4P-HCC110-C1-C405  Heritage Commons 110
P4P-HUG365a-C1-C8145 Hughes 325
P4P-JHN002-C1-C405  Johnston 002
P4P-MCG299-C1-C405 McGuffey 299
P4P-PRS110-C1-C405  Presser 110
P4P-REN115-C1-C405 Rentschler 115



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