Request service, repair, or settings change for MOM printer


  • MOM printer is returning an error message saying to call for service
  • Printout on our MOM printer has streaks, faded spots, wavy lines
  • None of our MOM printers will print for anyone
  • My MOM desktop printer won't print, and shows an error 
  • I want to request service or repair for MOM desktop printer
  • I cannot print or copy
  • How do I fix a carriage jam in a HP DeskJet 3520?
  • I am unable to print due to a paper jam
  • Our MOM printer's transient voltage surge suppressor needs to be repaired 
  • The contact on this MOM printer has expired, and it needs to be picked up
  • We are unable to print on our MOM printer
  • Error message received: SC798-09 MU1152
  • We need someone to show us how to install the staple cartridges
  • I'm trying to remote in to the copy machine
  • The document scanner is not working
  • MOM printer settings are incorrectly configured and need to be changed
  • I am unable to print in color
  • The color and orientation settings on my department's MOM printer need to be changed
  • My jobs won't print because the XPS option is not enabled
  • My print job failed to appear in the queue for the department's MOM printer
  • I cannot send scans to email from the department's MOM printer


  • 10409: Departmental Printing
    • Modern Office Methods (MOM) Managed Print Services


  • Modern Office Methods provides support for MOM printers — you must submit your service request directly to MOM
  1. Report the issue to Modern Office Methods (MOM)
  2. Scroll to the Contact Us Today form
    • Do not call the number listed
  3. Provide the following information in the contact form:
    • Your name
    • Company: Enter Miami University
    • Your Miami email address
    • Your Miami phone number
    • Location Address: Enter the location of the printer, including building name and room number
    • Nature of Request: Click the Service Request radio button
    • MOM ID/SN: Enter the six-digit number (example, MUxxxx or MPxxxx) given on the red and white sticker on the front of your print device
    • Your message: Describe the issue you are experiencing in as much detail as you can provide; include displayed error messages or code, if any


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