MUprint / Guide: Use touchless print release


  • To provide instruction on releasing print jobs without the use of a Release Station


  • Students, Faculty, Staff, Visitors


  • 10708: MUprint
    • Pay-for-Print, Pay4Print
  • 511178: PaperCut
    • Touchless Release
      • Mobile Release
      • MUprint Release
  • Mobile device
  • Personally Owned Computer
  • University-owned Computer


MUprint Release: Mobile Release

  • A mobile device equipped with a camera
  • Printers and signs have a QR code to release 
  1. Using your camera app on your mobile device, point it at the QR code on the printer
  2. Follow the instructions on your mobile device to open the URL with the web browser 
  3. Authenticate using your UniqueID and MUnet password
    • If you are using a MUlaa card, enter the card details to authenticate
  4. Select the documents to print — by default all documents are selected
    • If a document does not require a print, deselect by clearing the checkmark
  5. Click the Release button to release the document(s) to the printer


MUprint Release: Computer Release

  • From a personally owned or University-owned computer
  • Printers and signs include the printer name
  1. Log in to using your UniqueID and MUnet password
    • If you are using a MUlaa card, enter the card details to authenticate
  2. Select Jobs Pending Release from the left column
  3. Select the document to release by clicking Print
  4. Click OK to acknowledge that you will be charged for the print
  5. Select the printer by name to release the document to the printer for printing





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