Oracle Analytics Suite / Data Warehouse


  • To provide information about the data available in the Data Warehouse.


  • One of the sources of data used by OAS is our Data Warehouse.  This document outlines the process for requesting access to the Data Warehouse, along with an overview of the data currently in the Data Warehouse.


  • 737842: Oracle Analytics Server (OAS)

Getting Access

The following authorized OAS client administrators may request changes to OAS accounts or to request new OAS accounts:

BI Data

The Data Warehouse currently has the below listed data areas. Not all data is available to all users. This article has a list of authorized client administrators who can help you get access if you need it.

  • Student:
    • Cohort
    • Retention
    • Degree Attempted/Awarded
    • Major Attempted/Awarded
    • Courses Enrolled
    • G.P.A.
  • Campaign
  • HR
  • Finance/GL
  • ID Card
  • Program Review
  • Responsibility Centered Management
  • Course Revenue



  • To find out more about the user roles for OAS, please read this article
  • For information about the tools that comprise OAS, please read this article



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