Request: OAS / Grant security access, match other employee access


  • Grant security access to OAS
  • Grant security access to special OAS reports
  • Grant security access to OAS files from another office
  • Grant secure employee access to match another employee's access


  • Access to certain special OAS reports is selectively granted because Miami, like all institutions, deals with information that is sensitive in nature
  • OAS Security allow you to:
    • access information made available to the public
    • access information required to meet your job responsibilities
    • request access to special reports
  • If you need access to special reports beyond those that are essential for your job, your supervisor must request secure access from the reporting office that owns the information. Assuming the request is approved, the reporting office is responsible for contacting the appropriate OAS administrator, who will submit the official request 


  1. Employee: Ask your supervisor for secure access to special reports 
  2. Supervisor: Contact the reporting office to request secure access for your employee
    • Be sure to provide your employee's UniqueID 
    • If appropriate, be sure to note that the new employee's access should match that of another employee
  3. Reporting office: Ask the appropriate OAS administrator to complete and submit a request for secure access to OAS reports 
  4. The following OAS client administrators are authorized to request changes to OAS accounts:


  • 737842: Oracle Analytics Server


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