Change or reset my MUnet password

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  • I want to change or reset my MUnet password
  • I want to use my recovery options to reset my forgotten password
  • I forgot my password, and I did not establish recovery options


  • 10296: MUnet Password Utilities (WAS)
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Change your current, unexpired password


Reset your forgotten or expired password with recovery option

  1. To reset your password using your recovery option, go to our MUnet Password Utilities page
  2. Click I have forgotten my MUnet password and would like to use my recovery options
  3. Enter your validation information
  4. Answer your secret question or use one of the other recovery options
  5. Create your new password


Reset your forgotten or expired password — no recovery option

  1. If you did not create or have forgotten your recovery options, complete the fields on our User Validation Utility page  to validate your user identity
  2. Complete and submit the form for requests requiring photo identification  
    • Acceptable forms of photo identification include:
      • Driver's license
      • Passport
      • State ID card (issued to non-drivers)
      • Company- or school-issued ID card
      • Store membership card (e.g., Costco)


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