Chrome / Guide: Search a single domain for support info


  • To provide guidance in using Google to search the domain for University-specific information
  • To provide guidance in using Google to search a single external domain for third-party support information
  • To provide guidance in using Google site: syntax to search a single domain
  • To provide links to third-party technical support, training, and knowledge base sites; and operational status dashboards
  • To provide links to third-party / 3rd party technical / tech support, training, and knowledge base sites; and operational status dashboards


  • Miami University Student, Staff, Faculty, Alumni


  • 55923: Knowledge Management Process
  • 348532: Knowledge Base (KB)
  • (University site)
  • External Domains
    • Supplier or Vendor Support Site
  • Google Search



  • To get results from Google each time you search, follow these instructions to make Google your default search engine
  • Use Google's site: syntax and a specific website URL to limit your search to results within a single domain
  • To use Google to search within a single domain:
    1. Simply open a new Chrome browser window
    2. Enter site:<website URL><space><issue or subject> in your Google address bar 
      • Example: assignments
      • Example: join a Webex meeting on mobile
      • Example: hockey
      • Example: New York Times


Directory of University and external support sites

University and third-party tech support, training, or knowledge base site with URL Syntax, URL, search details to enter in the Google address bar Example
Adobe (all apps):<space><issue or subject> troubleshoot Acrobat Reader
Canvas:<space><issue or subject> assignments
Cisco WebEx:<space><issue or subject> join a WebEx meeting on mobile
Comodo:<space><issue or subject> certificate serial number
Duo:<space><issue or subject> how does two-factor work
Formstack:<space><issue or subject> create a form
Google (all apps):<space><issue or subject> search settings
Java:<space><issue or subject> download
MathWorks:<space><issue or subject> how do I launch MATLAB
Miami University:<space><issue or subject> New York Times
Pearson:<space><issue or subject> access code issue
Qualtrics:<space><issue or subject> print survey
Snap Surveys:<space><issue or subject> running a report
Turning Technologies:<space><issue or subject> clicker instructions
Ubuntu:<space><issue or subject>
Yubico (YubiKey):<space><issue or subject> use yubikey on macos