Proctorio troubleshooting tips


  • When starting a Canvas quiz, I received the following message: This quiz is restricted by an access code. You'll need to ask your teacher or proctor to type in or tell you the access code in order to take the quiz.


  • 344462: Proctorio
  • 10185: Canvas
  • Classroom Technology


  • You are using an incompatible browser, have not installed the Proctorio extension, or are attempting to use an outdated version of Proctorio


  1. Make sure you are using Chrome and the Proctorio Chrome Extension
  2. Make sure you are using the latest version of the Proctorio extension
  3. Make sure you have updated the Chrome browser
  4. Clear cookies, cache, and restart the computer
  5. If you continue to experience problems with Proctorio, contact Proctorio technical support at 1-866-948-2039



  • Proctorio is supported by the vendor
  • For technical issues, contact Proctorio at 1-866-948-2039


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