Proctorio / Proctored exam interrupted by emergency alert


  • To provide instruction on re-entering an exam when:
    • Your proctored exam has been interrupted by an emergency alert
    • Your proctored exam has been interrupted by a computer monitor alert 


  • 344462: Proctorio
  • 10185: Canvas
  • Alertus
  • Classroom Technology
  • University-owned Computer


  • Alertus emergency notification system delivers desktop communications through full-screen alerts, which interrupts the fluid operation of tools like Proctorio on University-owned computer monitors. If the alert is not quickly acknowledged (within 10 seconds) it can cause the Proctorio exam monitoring software to cancel the exam


  1. Acknowledge the Alertus alert, which should return you to the normal computer display
  2. In Canvas, attempt to reopen the exam ​​
    • You will only be able to do so if the instructor has configured the quiz to resume. If successful, continue the exam (and good luck!)
    • If you are unable to reopen and complete the exam, contact your instructor to request an additional attempt



  • Proctorio is supported by the vendor
  • For technical issues, contact Proctorio at 1-866-948-2039



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